‘Learning to shine together’

Introduction to our curriculum

Our curriculum is a clear statement of what is important in delivering a broad and balanced education. It is considered the heart of our school and is developed in partnership with our learners.

“Teachers listen carefully to pupils’ ideas when planning the curriculum and this helps to ensure that that most pupils display high levels of interest and engagement in their work”
- Estyn 2023

The four purposes are the starting point for our school’s curriculum. The aim of our curriculum is to support our learners to become:

Our school curriculum is everything a learner experiences in pursuit of these four purposes. It is not simply what we teach, but how we teach and crucially, why we teach it.

“Teachers are developing a broad curriculum with a strong focus on giving pupils appropriate experiences about the world in which they live”
- Estyn 2023

Taith Tudno

For more information regarding our curriculum, please download our ‘Taith Tudno’ document

Taith Tudno Download

Monitoring Progress

Meetings are held three times a year, early in the Autumn, Spring and Summer terms. An annual report is provided at the end of the school year.

Welsh Ethos

We pride ourselves on our extensive, embedded use of the Welsh language throughout the school, from our youngest learners right through to Year 6. We value our Welsh heritage and identity and have a strong focus on sharing this throughout our community.

“Staff provide immersive, authentic and rich learning experiences for pupils to develop their Welsh language skills and their knowledge of the history and traditions of Wales.”  
- Estyn 2023
“Teachers provide pupils with real life experience that help them to understand the importance of using the Welsh language in their community”   
- Estyn 2023

We have achieved our Bronze Cymraeg Campus accreditation and are on track to complete our Silver award in 2023.