Year 4 - Plas Mawr

Welcome to Plas Mawr. Now that your child is familiar with the routines of the juniors, in Plas Mawr we build on this confidence to provide them with even more opportunities for independent learning.  

Our class teacher is Mrs Sian Opie.

Mrs Opie - Year 4 Teacher

A typical day

After registration we all come together for our daily assembly and on Fridays, we join the whole school assembly. We then undertake our Welsh activities and our Language and Maths lessons. We use the apps Reading Eggs, RM Easimaths and J2E to support our learning. All children are given access to their own Hwb account, so they can access our Google Classroom.  

We have a ‘Helpwr Heddiw’ rota, which encourages the children to take on roles of responsibility and to help others. The children can also earn “Blocks in a Jar “rewards for academic work, behaviour and attitude.

In the afternoon we do topic work. Our topics for the year are chosen by the pupils.

Our local study this year was ‘Plas Mawr’ and Conwy and we are reading ‘Tirion’s Secret Journal' – study of Llancaiach Fawr and ‘The Great Kapok Tree’ as our class novels.

The children lead the planning within our topic work, which means the activities we undertake vary from year to year depending on their suggestions. For example, we have been out and about visiting Plas Mawr and Conwy Town for our local study work.


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