We are always looking for opportunities to work with our local community. This can be through the forging of partnerships to provide additional experiences to our learners, or activities that we as a school community can undertake for the benefit of those around us.

“Pupils formed an ethically informed citizens group who produce “save electricity” notices around the school... encourage the reuse of school uniforms... [and] have located a collection point at the school to support a local clothing project"
- Estyn 2023

In recent years we have undertaken fundraising for local and national charities as well as to fund improvements to our own school environment. We have also worked with local, regional and national partners to provide amazing experiences to support our curriculum.

Transport For Wales

Naming a train competition...

Curriculum For Wales — using the local area as inspiration...


A number of events and competitions are organised by the County and the Urdd, some activities are held during school hours and others outside school hours.

We are grateful to parents for supporting pupils and the school during these activities and for assisting with transport.

Yr6 pupils met with Pudsey during our Children In Need celebrations.

Yr 6 coding a microbit during an EESW workshop.

Crime Prevention Services

We would like to thank Crime Prevention Services for their huge generosity in gifting us a  CCTV system following vandalism at the school. The system comprises of various cameras located across the school premises and an internal observation screen.