Year 6 - Wybrnant

Welcome to Dosbarth Wybrnant, the final stop in your child’s time at Ysgol Tudno. In Year Six we build on everything your child has learnt and experienced at our school, as well as giving them opportunities to take on leadership roles within our school community. We celebrate our achievements and look forward to future adventures at High School.  

Our teachers are Mr Christopher Bowen and Mrs Kay O’Dwyer.

Mr Bowen - Year 6 Teacher

A typical day

After registration we join the daily assembly for all ‘junior’ classes. The topic for this varies across the week; Monday, either… News/ Topical/ Citizenship/ Ethics and Rights of the child.  Tuesday, Growth Mindset/ Music.  Wednesday, Diversity/ Tudno Values. Thursday, Welsh Assembly. Friday, Whole school and rewards.

Following assembly, it is our Welsh Helpwr Heddiw session and Pod Antur (Welsh Video programme). We also play Welsh games and participate in oral activities.

We have 3 breaks during the school day.
1.  10.25 - 10.40
2.  Lunch 12.00 - 13.00 (first ½ hour play, then eating)
3. 14.15 - 14.25pm

After morning break, until lunch, the class is split into 3 groups which carousel around 3 different styles of tasks. These include either English or Maths (Direct Teaching), an Independent task and a Focus Task.

  • Direct teaching group with the class teacher (small group so that pupils’ educational needs can be met quicker and more appropriately).
  • Independent group a checklist of tasks, some consolidation, deepening knowledge, research, mindfulness, spelling, times tables, handwriting practice.  
  • Focus task group continuing with uncompleted tasks or some practical based activity.  Pupils mark off their tasks on a chart as they progress throughout the week.

We work in a variety of styles; whole class, pairs, groups. In addition, there are areas for pupils to work independently, on a standing table, sat on bar stools, working on the floor and resting on cushions, working as a group in the HWB or working in a quiet relaxed zone called the HAFAN. We encourage collaborative working and the sharing of experiences, to this end, each child has a learning partner (or a partner pair) who changes each week.  

Listening to pupil voice and giving pupils opportunities to decide on their own educational pathway is a priority in Year Six. Pupils have an independent learning log to record notes from visitors and workshops, as well as recording their independent work. They use a green pen when self-correcting or peer marking work (their teacher pen).

In the afternoon, pupils work in small groups within a topic/ theme, each group pursuing an area of interest to them.

  • Term 1 Conflict, working on different aspects of conflict, from school based, national, international, wars, racism.
  • Term 2 The Environment looking at local issues (including school based), national and international (global) priorities.
  • Term 3 Health human body, diet, nutrition, medicine and illnesses, growing and changes.

We also participate in whole school and cluster projects such as the Eurovision Song Contest (with our local primary cluster and Ysgol John Bright) and Cynefin (school-wide).  

Year 6 capitalise on many externally-led workshops and areas of experience i.e. Careers Week, STEM workshops, Bright Sparks Science workshops, Welsh National Opera, Mostyn Gallery, Archives and Museum, Talacre Danger Point, Adobe and I.T workshops (including coding) and Grow it, Cook it, Eat it (caring for the environment and encouraging wildlife)

In Year 6 pupils are given more responsibility and lead many ‘Criw’ ‘Ambassadors’ forums. They also take the lead on assemblies, fundraisers and organising school events. Pupils from class support readers in Pen Morfa (Year Two). They also are digital champions for Adobe/ Scratch and teach Pen Morfa and Eryri (Year Three) these skills.

Points are awarded for perseverance, achievement, attitude, behaviour, attainment and attitude towards work.  Prizes are distributed ½ termly. Stickers representing the 4 curriculum purposes are awarded weekly for outstanding effort/ attainment in each area of learning

When it comes to their transition to High School, pupils have opportunities to visit their chosen school. We maintain especially close links with our local High School, Ysgol John Bright, which includes an enhanced transition pack. Pupils have the opportunity to visit, after school, for a couple of diffusion visits and teachers from Ysgol John Bright visit Tudno to teach language, maths, science and creative topics.

In the summer term of Year Six, pupils have the opportunity for a residential experience with their peers and an ROA evening with friend and family. A great way to end their time in the Ysgol Tudno family.


Please encourage your child to read regularly and support them with their spelling if they are on a daily diary programme. Project work, based on the current class theme, is to be presented to class termly.

We love to see what interests our pupils. Please discuss, research and bring items of interest/ topical items in to school to share with the class.  

We use the following online resource both in class and for homework; Google Classroom Reading Eggs, Hwb platform, RM Easimaths, TT Rockstars, Scratch, Google Docs, Office 365, Microbit, Minecraft for Education.

Useful Information